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Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Enterprises are always brimming with confidence and excitement when they are armed with a great idea on developing some mobile applications. While the excitement is understandable, it could mask the real hard work and complexity of bringing this app to fruition. If you are going to go the software development outsourcing route, the challenges are myriad and so are the opportunities to build something really beautiful.

software development outsourcing2

If you do not cover your tracks well when it comes to software development outsourcing, you could end up getting bogged down in the process and possibly throw lots of cash down the drain. There are over 2 million apps on the app store so how sure are you that you are building something unique and powerful which will move even 1000 people to sign up for the app or service?

Before you begin the journey of software development to perform certain functions in your business or organizational process, there is one key decision that you need to get out of the way first: who is going to build the app? Choosing the right partner for software development outsourcing can set you off on the right trajectory to success when it comes to mobile applications development. A lot of those fatal mistakes that many businesses make when embarking on these projects is that they carry out very little due diligence and hire the wrong people for the job. Once you have the wrong partner, your project is very much as good as doomed. There is a high probability that you are going to burn your fingers. It will be a miracle if you even manage to pull off a poorly done app.

In order to ensure that you have the right partner when it comes to the software development outsourcing, you need to avoid these common mistakes when you are hiring a software developer:

Hiring a software developer in your vicinity

Some businesses narrow down their search to the developers that are only physically accessible in the vicinity. When you narrow down the geographical area within which you can hire app developers, you are also narrowing down on the pool of skilled experts that you could find in the marketplace.

Starting coding from the start

Some developers will start coding the moment they receive the project brief from the business. This is not the kind of developer that you would like to work with. App development is a very complicated process and a lot of time should be spent on conceptualizing and working out scenarios before the hard work of coding begins.

Lack of business understanding

If the developer does not understand the overall business goals of the app that you are building, then they obviously are not the right people for the job. The developer must spend time understanding your business at the granular level before they can begin building you an app. They need to understand your objectives, customers, and industry in order to build a useful app that can cater to this niche. The apps will be used by humans. The developer must, therefore, spend time in understanding the PEOPLE who will use this app before they begin development work.


Focusing too much on the pricing when it comes to software outsourcing will only attract the worst talent in the industry. As they say, if you throw the peanuts, you will only attract the monkeys.

User experience and user interface design proficiency

Apps are simply just about the UX. The hard engine part is the software engineer’s problem. The user wants a good looking and functioning app. Can your developer deliver on that? The team that you hire should be able to create a great user interface for the app based on their market research and understanding of your business.

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Fix Partial Discharge by Testing Switchgear

Partial discharge is an unavoidable problem of electrical components. It can be very dangerous and can cause complete damage to any electrical module. Electrical components like the switchgear are used to control the voltage even in very high load and due to high voltage stress, there is a greater chance of damage during Partial discharge (PD). Looking from the external side, it is almost impossible to know when and where the partial discharge did happen exactly. Routine check-ups are very helpful in preventing PD but in a robust network it is very difficult to maintain routine check-ups and detect the area where PD has happened. Therefore,testing switchgear thoroughly is vital for avoiding any sort of mechanical damage and the safety of the components.


Switchgear is a combination of electrical disconnects switches, fuses, circuit breakers. It is typically used to protect and isolate electrical equipments. The high voltage switchgear was invented at the end of 19th century. It is used to control motor and other electrical machines. The technology was improved from time to time and now it is used to control voltage up to 1,100 kV. In the field of electrical engineering, it is a very popular and useful component until now, from the time it was invented in the 19th century.
Classification of switchgear

•       By the current rating
•       By voltage class
•       By insulating medium
•       By construction type
•       By IEC degree of internal separation
•       By interrupting device
•       By operating method
•       By type of current
•       By application
•       By purpose

Protecting switchgear from PD can help to protect all the electrical components of the network from ultimate damage and also help to run the network uninterruptedly. So, you must always conduct testing switchgearfrom time to time.

Partial discharge

The typical reason of partial discharge is high voltage stress and its effect is the damage of a small portion to solid or fluid electrical insulation. As a result, it is unable to bridge the space between the two conductors. PD generally occurs in gaseous, liquid and solid insulating medium and in the peak voltage condition, both in positive and negative.

Partial discharge measurement can localize the damaged part or area of an insulated system. In the case of a switchgear, transformer, or rotating machine (like motor or generator) PD can be detected by routine check-up of the insulating system.

Detection and measurement both are important for safety and stability of any network. Routine check-up definitely reduces the chance of PD, but it is also a very difficult job to maintain routine check-up especially in a robust network. PD testing is usually done for detecting and measuring.

Some of the popular tests to measure the partial discharge are:

•       PC analytical software
•       a parallel discharge detector
•       high voltage connections
•       a coupling capacitor of low inductance design
•       a cable or other object used as a test subject
•       a partial discharge detector
•       a high voltage filter to reduce background noise from the power supply

Another process is PD cable mapping, typically used for measuring partial discharge. It is an automatic analysis of the reflectogram for locating insulation irregularities.

The LIVE HV Company provides high-quality partial discharge tests since the last 10yrs in the UK and Europe. Testing switchgear is highly recommended for the safety of any network to hold the stability of said network and LIVE HV is one of the best providers of this service.

Check out for additional details.

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How to Obtain Vending Machines Quotes

Vending machines serve various snacks and drinks including coffee, milk, soda, ice cream and many others. If you are already selling hot drinks or refreshments, a vending machine is one of the best ways in which you can improve your business bottom line. You will multiply the sales and revenues for your business without actually being there physically. This is also good in terms of scalability. You can easily scale this up and install these vending machines in numerous places with minimal human resources that will be required in managing the enterprise. But there are things that you need to get out of the way first if you are planning to build a large vending machine chain. For example, you need to get reliable and affordable vending machines for sale that you will install in various premises in order to dispense your products.

Vending Machines For SaleIf you need to buy the vending machines for sale, there are steps that you can follow in order to ensure you get the best deals out there. Once you have determined the best vending machine for sale that you wish to add to your business, you also need to have the vending machine price quotes so that you can make comparisons and determine where you can get the best value for money. This allows you to see what level of machines you can afford.

Purchasing Your Vending Machine

Buying for sale vending machine does not come cheap. First, you will be looking at a large initial capital outlay in order to acquire these machines and get them to your business. They do not come cheap. This can work out cheaper over the longer term depending on the type of business that you plan to sell as well as the location where you will sell it. During the purchase, you can also negotiate for refills and consumables with the supplier so that you can save money over the long term.

What type of machine do you want?

This is one of the most important considerations that you need to look for when you are planning to purchase the vending machines for sale. This will also depend on your size and business requirements along with your budget. The small table-top vending machines are typically cheaper, for example, but if you are running a busier joint, they might not be sufficient for your needs.

In case you need to dispense high volumes in the busy areas, then these low-end machines might not do and you may need to invest in larger and more robust ones such as the floor standing machines. These, however, come at a price.

You might also consider leasing your vending machines

In case the vending machines for sale are becoming costly, you might opt for the route of leasing your machines in order to cut down on costs. Leasing means that you will not have to tie a massive chunk of your startup capital in machine acquisitions. By leasing your business equipment, you will also be able to qualify for certain tax benefits which will be a boon for your business.

One of the advantages of leasing is that the rental prices of the vending machines can be fixed over the long term. No matter how much business you are doing, you will not worry about the costs running over the roof. You will know what exactly your vending machine is going to cost over the next two years or three years. Leasing, however, ties you to obtaining all your equipment supplies from the same company. If the company is reliable, then you can have the best deal ever as you begin your business.

Before deciding on the right vendor to work with, do your homework and compare prices and quality of services from as many suppliers as possible.

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4 Unique Characteristics of GOM Sydney Services

It can be really frustrating when you need an important print done and your printer or copier suddenly jams up. To make the situation even worse, the screen fills up with endless messages warning you about the mistakes. To bail yourself from the mess, you will try to open up the paper tray and see if things will get fixed. When you realize that you have no clue about the problem, it’s time to seek help from a trained expert. When it comes to repairing of office machines, you need a reliable and competent repair service. Having worked for close to two decades in the industry, Global Office Machines (GOM) has all the expertise needed to get your machines working again. GOM Sydney services are rated top-notch among all other players in the industry. Below are the characteristics that make GOM Sydney services unique.

GOM Sydney

GOM Sydney


This is one of the most fundamental traits that a printer and copier repair service should possess. You want a company that can be called upon any time of the week or day and are available to do the work. At GOM, we value your time and give equal priority to all our clients regardless of the magnitude of the work. The highly qualified technicians and well equipped vehicles are always ready to respond to your call. What makes GOM even more dependable is our success rates. Once your machine has been repaired, it will take you a significantly long time before you call us again. Testimonials are a good way to determine the reliability of a printer and copier repair company. GOM’s website has many testimonials from past clients so as to build your confidence as you choose the services.


Everyone wants quality work or good value for their money. Quality printer repairs can only be executed by highly qualified and experienced employees. When it comes to expertise, GOM has a team of highly qualified technicians who have undergone extensive and ongoing training. This enables them to be well equipped with current knowledge to provide you the best services possible. You can be guaranteed that all your problems related to printer’s repairs will be solved by GOM no matter their complexity.


Naturally, printers and copiers constantly breakdown due to the nature of work they perform. You might need the help of a professional at least twice a month. As such, you need to hire a printers repairs company offering cost-effective prices. At GOM, we understand this concern quite well. The fee is a flat rate regardless of the time taken by the technicians on your premises. Parts are also provided at an affordable rate. We also give a 3 month warranty for parts. We believe in transparency; no hidden charges on the fees.

Service range

Besides printers, you have others machines in the office such as copiers and fax machines. GOM Sydney services don’t just specialize in repairing printers; we offer services for a wide range of other office machines. Additionally, we offer services for all the major brands. For all your hp repair needs, come to GOM, Sydney’s leading hp service centre. For more details, check at Global Office Machines.

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