5 Important Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

You’ve dedicated so much effort and time into planning your wedding and you’d want every single moment captured in the wedding album. Your wedding photographer plays the biggest part in determining the quality of the shots. But how do you know which photographer is right for you? Get recommendations from friends, family, and workmates and narrow down your list to two or three potential photographers. Arrange for interviews with each photographer to help pick out the best. When you interview them, be sure to ask the following questions:

1. Is Wedding Photography Your Main Business?

This question will help you gauge the photographer’s experience. Photographer’s skill sets and commitments vary – some are freelance photographers and some are only part-time photographers. This doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot do a good job during your wedding, but you cannot be too sure if they’ll deliver the exact results you want. To be on the safe side, hire a photographer who specializes in wedding photography and has a wealth of experience below his belt. Typically, an experienced wedding photographer shoots between 20 and 30 weddings a year.

2. How Long Have You Been in This Business? Do You Have a List of References?

This question is another indicator of the photographer’s experience.  Experience often comes with expertise. An experienced wedding photographer is most likely to produce the exact wedding album you want. Beside that they have large wedding photography packages to prove their expertise. A good photographer is proud of his work and will gladly offer you a list of past clients so you can have a chat with them. They also provide reviews in their website. Check out life studios inc for more details.

3. Have You Worked in My Venue Before?

You’d feel comfortable with a photographer who has previously taken shots at the wedding venue. They know of the best places to stand for excellent shots and can also propose a sitting arrangement that favors the shots. If you have not identified a venue yet you can ask for recommendations from your photographer. He most likely knows some venues where the best Vancouver photography packages are taken.

4. What is Your Photography Style? How Different Are You From Others?

Is it their charming personality? Or is it their exceptional customer service? Or is it just their photos? If a photographer is unable to convince you why they are different, then you might want to consider the other option. If you want photojournalistic action shots, can they do it? Make sure that your photographer’s style matches with your taste.

5. What Do Your Packages Include?

Photography packages Vancouver has to offer vary considerably. Some will charge a flat for a given number of hours with a-la-carte extras while other photographers will charge based on the amount of work required. Typically, such photographers will break down the charges for you to help you understand what you’re looking for. Ask if the photographer’s charges are negotiable or fixed. You should consider a photographer who is willing to reduce his fee. That extra money can be used to pay for another service.

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