4 Unique Characteristics of GOM Sydney Services

It can be really frustrating when you need an important print done and your printer or copier suddenly jams up. To make the situation even worse, the screen fills up with endless messages warning you about the mistakes. To bail yourself from the mess, you will try to open up the paper tray and see if things will get fixed. When you realize that you have no clue about the problem, it’s time to seek help from a trained expert. When it comes to repairing of office machines, you need a reliable and competent repair service. Having worked for close to two decades in the industry, Global Office Machines (GOM) has all the expertise needed to get your machines working again. GOM Sydney services are rated top-notch among all other players in the industry. Below are the characteristics that make GOM Sydney services unique.

GOM Sydney
GOM Sydney


This is one of the most fundamental traits that a printer and copier repair service should possess. You want a company that can be called upon any time of the week or day and are available to do the work. At GOM, we value your time and give equal priority to all our clients regardless of the magnitude of the work. The highly qualified technicians and well equipped vehicles are always ready to respond to your call. What makes GOM even more dependable is our success rates. Once your machine has been repaired, it will take you a significantly long time before you call us again. Testimonials are a good way to determine the reliability of a printer and copier repair company. GOM’s website has many testimonials from past clients so as to build your confidence as you choose the services.


Everyone wants quality work or good value for their money. Quality printer repairs can only be executed by highly qualified and experienced employees. When it comes to expertise, GOM has a team of highly qualified technicians who have undergone extensive and ongoing training. This enables them to be well equipped with current knowledge to provide you the best services possible. You can be guaranteed that all your problems related to printer’s repairs will be solved by GOM no matter their complexity.


Naturally, printers and copiers constantly breakdown due to the nature of work they perform. You might need the help of a professional at least twice a month. As such, you need to hire a printers repairs company offering cost-effective prices. At GOM, we understand this concern quite well. The fee is a flat rate regardless of the time taken by the technicians on your premises. Parts are also provided at an affordable rate. We also give a 3 month warranty for parts. We believe in transparency; no hidden charges on the fees.

Service range

Besides printers, you have others machines in the office such as copiers and fax machines. GOM Sydney services don’t just specialize in repairing printers; we offer services for a wide range of other office machines. Additionally, we offer services for all the major brands. For all your hp repair needs, come to GOM, Sydney’s leading hp service centre. For more details, check at Global Office Machines.

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