About Us

Technology is the main driving force of today’s industry. In fact, computers are widely used at home, in the office, at school, and all forms of businesses. Without computer and technology, the industry would cripple. This dependence on computer and technology is what has inspired wallno1.com to be formed. We created this blog to provide an avenue for computer and technology enthusiasts to find useful resource on the topic.
The focus of the blog is to understand technology in order to utilize it even more. Whether you are a businessman looking to grow and expand your business, or a student that wants to employ the use of computers to speed up your learning, you will find this website a useful resource. Our stories are inspired by computer enthusiasts themselves who wanted to share their knowledge to fellow enthusiasts.
If you’re like us, then chances are you are constantly looking for new information with regards to technology. Stop looking at 50 different places because you can find all of that here!
Simply put, our website is a one-stop shop for your computer and technology needs. Our stories are based on real events, needs and problems of the everyday computer enthusiast.
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