Fantastic Ways to Use Strip LED Lights

Gone are the days that we thought of LED as the small red lights placed in laser pointers. At present, we can see strip LED lighting everywhere; from home or office interiors, clothing, TVs, vehicles and wallpapers. As compared to incandescent lights, LED does not emit heat and it only uses a tiny fraction of energy to be lit. The plastic and flexible designs make them an excellent innovative material for lighting.

A strip LED lighting is composed of self-adhesive tape, plus a substrate to which LED is put at even intervals. The full length of the band is illuminated that produces a light once installed and power is applied. This innovation is becoming a nice addition to an interior or exterior ambiance. They are not pricey and they are easy to install. Once added, it can also light up the mood and appearance of a certain space at an instance.

Amazing Ways to Use Strip LED Lighting

Given the different variety, colors and brightness of the LED lights, there are limitless options to utilize them.  Below are some of the wonderful, jaw-dropping ways to use them:

Lit Up the Car – Don’t you think it’s funny to have a bunch of incandescent bulbs taped and tied in your car? If you wish to brighten the mood and look of your vehicle, LED strips can do it. It is available in fascinating colors, lightweight, and very versatile. It comes in rolls so you can cut in accordance to the size of the project.

Light the Eyes – Strip LED lights are waterproof so it will be OK to have them lined up in your eyelashes for an outdoor fun. It is bizarre and it will surely get the attention of people you will mingle in a concert or in a beach party. It will make your eyes look larger. LED-laced eyelashes also contain mechanisms to be turned off or on through head tilting. Sounds weird but you’ll be the best gal in the event, for sure.

Strip Light the Bedroom- Our bedroom is our private sanctuary. As such, it is important to make sure it is comfortable. Do a bedroom make-over by installing strip LED lighting. Choose energy saving type of LED that is not so bright to enhance its interior. Cool colors are recommended to feel you at ease while relaxing.  You may install them in your bed’s headboard, around edges or throughout the ceilings. You may customize them with different colors so with a remote control, you can choose which hue to function in order to complement your mood. See more at Dan Hadley Adelaide

LED Light the Garden- Bring in the cool summer nights in your own garden with strip lights. Pick the gentle lighting to line the path, circumscribe the trees and plants, or in the edges of the patio. It will dramatically transform your garden into a panoramic vista that you would enjoy during the night.

There are many benefits of LED light. It is eight times more energy-efficient as compared to incandescent bulbs. It can also trigger productive and happy mood. It can imitate a starry night or a day-light feel.  In the case of tight-laced modules, they serve as a virtual sky where you feel like being in an open field.  Try strip LED lighting and see it for yourself!

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