The Common Causes of Electrical Fires and How to Prevent Them

Housing fires due to electrical faults cause several fatalities in Australia while also resulting in millions of dollars in property damage. A lot of these are due to preventable causes. They are minor faults which could have been fixed by the electricians Gold Coast contractors for a small fee but when left unattended to, they result in many times the losses and even irrecoverable losses such as fatalities. So what are the main causes of the electrical fires inside your home or business premises? Here is a brief overview on where these originate from:

The Causes of Electrical Fires

One of the disturbing characteristics of the electrical fires is that these can rage and spread out in a matter of seconds and minutes causing a massive amount of damage within a very short period of time. The fires typically start undetected behind some walls and very soon get out of control. They are quite dangerous and the damage to the property is usually total. The electrical fires leave you very little time to prepare an escape route and that is why they can be especially dangerous. It is thus necessary to be well prepared for these kinds of fires by entrusting your electrical maintenance and wiring in the hands of qualified and certified electricians Gold Coast contractors. The main causes of electrical fires are –

The cooking fires: These are fires which result when cooking equipment malfunctions. They are some of the most common fires in the house.

Electrical malfunctions: These are the other common types of the house fires and these can happen a lot if you not hire professional electricians Gold Coast contractors. They are caused by issues such as improperly installed wiring in the house, circuitry that is overloaded as well faulty outlets and plugs. The best way to prevent these kinds of fires is by entrusting your electrical projects to a professional contractor. Avoid the DIY projects. They are too risky if you do not have any solid background in carrying out the electrical work. When you are hiring the Gold Coast electricians, ensure that they have the right qualifications, certifications and track records.  This is the only insurance against these fires which are very often a result of the negligence of the contractor that you hired for the job or the homeowners.

Holiday fires:  These are caused by the various electrical fixtures and items that you install in your house during the holidays such as Christmas. These include items such as the Christmas tree lights, the older holiday lights or even an overload in the circuit due to the increased usage of the electrical appliances.

Prevention and Safety

Prevention of electrical fires in your home involves a combination of steps that you will need to undertake. A lot of this has got to do with the electrical contractors that you will choose and the maintenance cultures that you have developed in your house. Be very careful with the contractor that you will choose to work on your electrical circuits. The wrong kind will be indirectly responsible for the electrical fires in your house!

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