Various Types of Printing

In literally every place one walks to, there are different types of prints observed. Whether it is in books, magazines, T-shirts, utensils, newspapers, pamphlets, brochures, business cards, posters and invitations, various print types cannot miss out in several environments. In brief, the print industry is forever busy. All the same, one has to keep in mind some important points when choosing a printing company since they all use varying media. While some of them offer full color, others provide only offset print work. When in need of print services, a Melbourne resident could find out what printing services Melbourne - Minuteman Press offers clients at the moment.

printing services Melbourne - Minuteman Press

Although people admire plenty of artwork, it can be a little difficult choosing the right one that suits someone’s needs. Apart from the artwork, it can be pretty tricky identifying the right material, ink and even finishing as well as binding. The type of printer that can help one obtain plenty of complete pieces within a short while can be difficult to choose too. All the same, an individual can take a look at printing services Melbourne – Minuteman Press offers currently if the company offers assistance to clients without know-how. Check out Minuteman Thornbury

Commercial printers use various methods to have prints on media. It is easier to identify what someone wants when knowledgeable about the options available. These are…

  1. Digital Printing – Digital images found on surfaces like film, photographic paper, plastic, cloth and many more are often reproduced from a given source. Digital printing is unique because ink does not get absorbed onto the print surface like the conventional ink but instead forms a layer on paper or any other working surface. For this reason, waste is minimized in terms of chemicals and paper.
  2. Electrostatic Printing – This is a printing strategy printing services Melbourne – Minuteman Press offers which is almost similar to a photocopy. It works better on smaller or shorter printing surfaces.
  3. Emboss Printing – On printing surfaces, there is artwork or writing that appears to be raised from the object. It is used on utensils and numerous other surfaces. They are long lasting and are best for surfaces that endure water most of the time.
  4. Flexography – This printing method is mainly used in packaging items such as paper bags, gift wrappers, bottle labels, grocery bags, and food covers such as candy or chocolate covers.
  5. Gravure Printing – Although expensive, this printing method is best since it offers direct contact between paper and etched copper plate. It is ideal for large volume items like mail order catalogues, magazines, reports, magazines, business cards among others.
  6. Letterpress Printing – This printing was initiated several years ago. It works with images that are raised slightly from the printing surface. An example is the rubber stamp.
  7. Screen Printing – This printing process works when ink passes through a screen almost like a stencil pattern. It works best on mugs, plates, clothes, car bumpers, billboards, stickers, ring binders and many more.

After identifying the type of print, an individual is now well equipped to choose what they want. To obtain the best results, it is imperative to use a print company with experience and positive reviews. For more details, just visit

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